The company Hamel inc. founded in 1967, is the pioneer in the frozen ready food entrees industry in Quebec.

The idea for ​​Yvon Hamel to go into business came to him after his experience in the food service with the restaurant Le Martinet located in La Pocatière. After seeing the need for frozen products, ready to eat, he moved to Bernieres to start small-scale production to reach today a real industrial production. 15 products in 1967, the company has grown to more than 350 products as of today.


Development stages:

• 1971: Moving into a new plan built  to meet the federal inspection standards.
• 1973: Major expansion, the square feet area is doubled.
• 1997: Purchase of the goodwill of Aliments Grande Prairie based in Montreal, and then a new expansion and retrofitting  to integrate all the new equipment.
• 2001: New expansion to finally reach 20,000 square feet ....


During the evolution:


• The introduction of new technologies for industrial production of Sauces, Soups, Dressings,  Quiches and Pies ... and also continue to manufacture Frozen Ready Food entrees, Fondu Parmesan and finally  Appetizers.
• Securing supply contracts for major chains, food service and retail.
• The development of new markets outside of Quebec.


Forty nine years ago, Yvon Hamel was already thinking to serve the market outside of the province of Quebec, today, the company run by his son, Yvon Jr., can say: mission accomplished! With an order book filled, Hamel inc. as been worthily representing Quebec in north America.


Always seeking to maintain its right to export, Hamel Inc. is now recognized with the certification of HACCP, highly recognized and is also certified with SQF level 2 standard.



Today, as yesterday, Hamel Inc. is proud of the products he manufactured !