The direction of Hamel Inc. confirmed its quality orientation with the HACCP system in place as well as obtaining the GFSI certification for the third consecutive year and is committed to maintaining the necessary resources following the correction of all non-conformities audit unannounced surveillance scheduled for the end of 2015.


Consumer safety and product quality is essential to us and we take seriously all feedback from our customers or regulatory agencies regarding the safety and quality of our products. Our products are manufactured by applying the strict quality control procedures that meet government standards, industry and the requirements of the SQF code. Our commitment in GFSI certification, tend to continuously improve our food safety management system by ensuring to meet all the objectives related to it. We will continue to implement the measures outlined in our action plans towards obtaining a plant where food security is primordial.


Hamel Inc. has established a specialized team of technician in quality control and thirty employees in production within 3 months and 43 years seniority. They have been formed for the manufacturing of sauces, hygiene and sanitation, quality control and HACCP concepts. A housekeeping team of five to six employees supervised by a technician trained specifically for HACCP standards is in place for adequate control of cleaning and sanitation.


To measure the improvement of the quality system, different quality objectives will be implemented to reduce the quality incidence and demonstrate the maturity and evolution of quality systems in place. Year after year, during the management review, a resume of the results on the verification activities and internal audit elements of the SQF system in place allows you to review the objectives and provide the necessary corrective action so that the program remains relevant, consistent and effective.


The SQF team will proud to share our objectives of food safety to our team.


Simone Leblanc, plant manager,                                                              Yvon Hamel, president,

October 30th, 2015                                                                                     October 30th, 2015